Newsflash:Please be advised that AZIZ MEDICAL CENTER has ZERO TOLERANCE for any corrupt practices. If you had any experience of any such activity at the medical center please send us information on our whatsapp number or email us at      YOU MAY ENCOUNTER BUSY PHONE LINES DUE TO HIGHER NUMBER OF CALLS THAN USUAL. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.      Please be advised that the US medical examination shall not be processed unless the applicant provides valid COVID immunization certificate on the day of the appointment.      Exemption: Children or young adults not yet advised immunization by NCOC are exempt from this requirement. Applicants for whom the vaccine is contradicted should provide with all medical reports supporting the contraindication for their condition.       AZIZ MEDICAL CENTER IS ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED MEDICAL FACILITY....

About Us

Aziz Medical Center formerly known as Aziz Nursing Home was established in 1962 by Dr. Ali Raza Jan in Rawalpindi. After providing service to the community for almost half a century, Aziz Medical Center was established in Islamabad as a modern out-patient clinic. This clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic imaging x-ray unit, state of art fully automated laboratory and facility for minor trauma and emergency. The clinic is headed by Dr. Ahmed Raza Jan and his professional team is there to help the patients and welcome them with a smile and utmost care.



"My family and I went few days ago to get our medical tests done for our foreign immigrant visa. The entire experience was absolutely wonderful. The staff is extremely professional. The receptionists were patient and happily explained everything. The receptionists were kind enough to make photocopies for me since my photocopies had turned out blurry. The person taking the xray was an elderly man who was so kind that I can't get him out of my mind. The gentleman at the lab was very polite and helpful. Thank you Aziz MEDICAL center for this wonderful experience."

- Viperstings

"My husband had to travel internationally to appear for his interview in Islamabad and did not have enough time remaining for the Medical Exam.

I wrote to the administration at Aziz Medical Centre and they are so amazing they went out of their way to process everything within 24 hours. Phenomenal experience! Would highly recommend this place."

- Haleema Tareen

"Just had an immigrant medical exam. Me and my family are incredibly satisfied. Few years ago, we had medical exam in Karachi and I assure you that Aziz Medical Center is really worth it. If you live in Karachi or Lahore, dont go to those doctors, they all have incredibly high fees and recommend you to other doctors for their own benefit. The fees at Aziz Medical Center were really low, the process was fast. and we were happily done. For me (37 year old male) and my son (3 year old) - the final cost was around 40,000. Much less than other places."

- Khalid Khan