Aziz Medical Center


All individual intending to stay in the UK for more than six months are required to undergo TB screening test. Applicants 11 years or older will be required to have chest x ray taken. Any abnormality in the chest x ray suggestive of past or current pulmonary TB shall be confirmed with sputum smears and sputum cultures. In some instances sputum smears and cultures can be done as the first line of investigation where chest x ray is not possible.
Children under 18 years of age can only be screened if accompanied by a parent/guardian. Document (FRC) will be required to establish the relationship.
Applicants under the age of 11 will undergo a medical examination by the physician before a certificate is issued.
The screening test is performed in accordance with the technical instructions issued by the UK home office and Public Health England (PHE).
Medical center cannot advise or omit any test mentioned in the guidelines provided by the UK home office and Public Health England (PHE).
For applicants been advised sputum test will have to comply within in 7 days of the advice otherwise TB clearance certificate will not be issued.
The TB clearance certificate validity is 6 months for the applicants with normal chest x ray and for children with no evidence of TB disease.
Applicant having contact with a known case of active TB patient will have TB clearance certificate validity of only 3 months.
Pregnancy Test may be advised for the female applicants who are not sure of their condition. This may be either a Urine Test or a Blood Test as deemed necessary by the examining doctor.
Children under 11 years of age will normally not require chest X ray. This age group will be examined by a doctor to assess any signs or symptoms of TB disease. In case of any suspicion chest x-ray may be advised to rule out evidence of pulmonary TB.
The following criteria applies to the individuals who may not be screened for TB.
1. Diplomats joining office in the UK.
2. UK residents returning in less than 2 years of their stay in Pakistan.


Only applicants with a valid appointment date and time shall be entertained at the medical center on the day of the appointment. If for any reason you have missed out on the appointment, you are encouraged to re-schedule your appointment on a later date. This can be done by yourself online or by contacting the medical center. While taking the appointment please make sure you are choosing the correct name of the city where you would like to have the test conducted.


1. All applicants must appear in person for the examination
2. Original Valid Passport
3. Two coloured photocopies of the passport data page.
4. 3 coloured passport size photographs with front face and neutral expression without glasses. The picture should not be more than six months old and should be liking of your current appearance.
5. Complete address in the UK
6. Old chest x-ray films not less than 6 months prior to the medical examination (if available)
7. Detailed medical certificate regarding a previously-treated or currently managed Tuberculosis disease, which should contain the following information:
  a. Duration and date of treatment
  b. Name and dose of the medicines
  c. Complete final diagnosis
  d. Outcome of the treatment or treatment plans and prognosis, if available
8. Students are required to provide with the full address of the University in the UK.
9. After receiving confirmation of appointment, you may complete the medical history form and submit it online or bring a print out on the day of the appointment. This will save you time and inconvenience. Click here to fill the form.
10. Fee for medical examination in Pak Rupees or in Pounds sterling. The preferred method of payment is either by credit or debit card.


All applicants are requested not to bring any large bags or wear unnecessary jewellery on the day of medical examination. Any accompanying person with the applicant may not be allowed in the medical center. Please do not bring along with you any other person as an attendant or escort. Only those applicants requiring special assistance are allowed one attendant to accompany them in the medical center.

For Pregnant Females

Pregnant females can avail one of the following options.
1. Have the chest x ray taken with a double wrap around lead apron, shielding abdomen.
2. Give samples for sputum smears and sputum cultures on 3 consecutive days. This test takes 8 weeks to process. Clearance certificate can only be issued once negative smear and culture report is received.
3. Wait till after the child birth.


In case of normal chest x-ray or medical examination, without any sign or symptoms of Tuberculosis, can get a clearance certificate within 24-48 hours of the test.
Applicants with findings suggestive of past or current evidence of Tuberculosis according to the instructions of the UK Home Office, will be required to provide sputum samples for smears and cultures on 3 consecutive days. This can take 8 weeks to receive the test results. Clearance certificate for such applicants can only be issued after receiving the negative results.