Aziz Medical Center


New Zealand Visa Medical is carried out as a requirement by the New Zealand Government. This examination is done according to the guidelines provided by the Immigration New Zealand (“INZ”). A complete physical examination is carried out on all the applicants. X-ray chest, urine and blood test is done for the applicant above 15 years of age. These investigations are done at the center and tests brought from other medical facilities are not accepted. In addition to these tests the doctor may order any other investigation as deemed necessary to process the medical report.

Age Group Examination Requirements by New Zealand
0-5 years Medical Examination
5-10 years Medical Examination + Urine test
11-15 years Medical Examination + Urine test + Chest X-ray
15 years and above Medical exam + Urine test+ Chest X-ray + HbsAg +Anti HIV antibodies+ Anti HCV antibodies + VDRL + HbA1C + Complete Blood Count (CBC) + S. Creatinine

Note: Medical examination, Chest x-ray and laboratory tests are done at Aziz Medical Center. Reports from any other facility are not accepted for submission of medical reports to Immigration New Zealand (“INZ”).


  • Before coming for your medical examination, you must obtain NZER number for your medical examination.
  • New Zealand visa applicants are required to contact the medical center so that their case may be registered on emedical portal. Please make sure you have passport with you as you will be asked detail of the passport and the following questions:
Client personal details
Family name
Givens name(s)
Date of birth
Country of birth
Identity document details
Identity document presented
Issuing country
Date of issue
Date of expiry
Proposed visa application details
Visa category
Visa type
Additional questions
How long do you intend to stay in New Zealand?
What is your intended occupation in New Zealand?
  • You are advised to wear loose and easy to wear clothing on the day of the examination.
  • Applicants may take their meals prior to coming over for their medical examination as all the initial blood and urine tests do not require a fasting state.
  • Females within the reproductive age group are advised not to schedule their medical examination during their menstrual period; otherwise, they will be required to come back one week after the last day of their menstruation.
  • For Pregnant Females:
    INZ does not recommend x-ray exposure during pregnancy. Pregnant applicants are advised that they do not need to proceed with a chest x-ray examination while pregnant. Pregnant applicants may be required by INZ to undergo a chest x-ray examination after giving birth, should they apply for a further visa for New Zealand.


An appointment can only be scheduled for New Zealand applicants once the case has been generated on emedical. The applicants are requested to call the medical center with the infomation mentioned in the Instructions and have their case registered. You can then request for an appointment or if your case has been registered on EMEDICAL portal by the medical center you may click the following button for an online appointment. We encourage that you contact Aziz Medical Center for appointment but you may walk in on Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please take in consideration public holidays. You may also request appointment online.


You are requested to please bring the following documents/items on the day of appointment.
1. Original valid passport with two photocopies. 1 PP size photograph(White Background) in front face position
2. All applicants must appear in person for medical examination
3. Any previous medical/surgical notes and prescription for medications (if any) INCLUDING EYEGLASSES
4. You are requested to bring original Polio certification and one copy of the certificate from authorized centers of Governments hospitals only. *For visa purpose polio vaccine can be given at the medical center at an additional cost. Failure to provide with an authentic valid Polio certificate may result in delay of your visa process.
Whenever applicable, please bring the following:

1. Old chest x-ray films not less than 6 months prior to the medical examination
2. Detailed medical certificate regarding a previously-treated or currently managed clinically significant illness which should contain the following information:
     a. Duration and date of treatment
     b. Surgical procedure or medical intervention done
     c. Complete final diagnosis
     d. Outcome of treatment or treatment plans and prognosis, if available

*Please check with medical center about the availability of the polio vaccine.


All applicants are requested not to bring any large bags or wear unnecessary jewellery on the day of medical examination. Any accompanying person with the applicant may not be allowed in the medical center. Please do not bring along with you any other person as an attendant or escort. Only those applicants requiring special assistance are allowed one attendant to accompany them in the medical center. If you require special assistance please inform the medical center before coming for medical examination.


Pulmonary Tuberculosis is a communicable disease. This spreads from one person to another. The germs of TB may linger in body for a very long time that may become active at any stage of life. Some people may be infected by this disease but never develop any symptoms. Some people may develop symptoms like fever, unexplained cough for more than 2 weeks, weight loss and night sweats. If this disease attacks lungs it causes scarring of the lung tissue. This scarring is often picked up on the chest x ray. The x rays are reviewed and reported by the radiologist of the host country. Pakistan is one of the high burden countries with respect to pulmonary Tuberculosis. It is for this reason the host country requires that any abnormality suggesting old or active TB should be evaluated by Sputum smear and Sputum cultures on 3 consecutive days in early morning on empty stomach. The result of a negative test is only available after 8 weeks. There is no option but to wait for the sputum smear and culture results. You may read more about these guidelines by visiting the online pages of the country's visa medical examination information.
Under normal circumstances at any other doctor’s office, the x ray findings may not require sputum examination but host country’s guidelines are very clear to have this gold standard test done in all those cases where the chest x-ray is suggestive of any abnormality. This test rules out any active TB in the applicants before they travel to the intended country. The medical center cannot waive off this test for any reason and applicants are requested not to argue with the staff of the medical center in this regard.